Kitchen Remodeling

At Steel Wood Construction in Manchester, NH, our mission is to create functional and inspirational kitchens that you will just love to show off. Whether you need to update your existing kitchen or want a whole new design, you can be rest assured that we can complete your kitchen remodeling project in a timely manner. From cabinets and countertops to backsplashes and kitchen fixtures, we can do it all.

Bathroom Remodeling

Are you unhappy with your current bathroom? We provide full-service bathroom remodeling services throughout Southern New Hampshire. We’ve worked with many clients for a variety of designs. Even if your bathroom is small and only includes just a toilet, we can change your bathroom and give it a fresh and enjoyable touch personalized to your style.

Basement Remodeling

Consider finishing your basement to give you the extra room or the “mancave” you desire! Whether you want a fun room, a laundry room, or anything in between, we can make sure that your basement remodel is clean, dry, and comfortable for year-round enjoyment. We can even mitigate the moldy and mildew smell of a traditional basement so you can have the extra room you need.

Industrial Remodeling

We even provide industrial remodeling services such as factory and warehouse overhauls. Our crew can undertake any project, regardless of size, with our experienced group of contractors. We can even build a factory or commercial space from the ground up if you need an entire overhaul!

Commercial Office Remodeling

Looking for a commercial office remodeling contractor? We can redesign any office space to make it more viable for you. If you’re taking on an old office space that doesn’t quite fit your tastes, we can remodel the space to be workable for your needs. We’ve remodeled many office spaces and our professional and courteous team will be sure to meet your specifications.

Check out our project gallery for ideas on your next project!